RMISC 2019 Speakers

Todd Bell
Intersec Worldwide
VP Technology & Cyber Transformation
F5. Why CISO's Are Not Working Out At Corporations

Jake Bernardes
NCC Group
Principal Consultant

Steve Black
Texas Tech University School of Law
Professor of Law
G6. Cyberlaw Year in Review

Jon Clay
Trend Micro, Inc.
Director of Global Threat Communications
A8. Bug Bounties and How They Help

James Condon
Lacework, Inc.
Director of Research
E4. A Practical Guide for Securing Kubernetes

Sean Davis
Sean As A Service

Sherrod DeGrippo
Sr. Director of Threat Research and Detection
B2. The Human Target: How Threat Actors Choose Their Mark

Joseph Dietz
Network Security Architect
B4. SSL/TLS Then and Now...

Carlin Dornbusch
American Cyber Security Management
CD2: Community Day: Rocky Mountain Privacy Forum

Kyle Eaton
Lead Information Security Engineer
G2. Murky Waters: Analyzing Phish Kits

Lauren Edmonds
Schellman & Company, LLC
B6. SOC’ing It to Cybersecurity Threats

Stephen Edmonds
Ping Identity Corporation
Deputy CISO and Privacy Officer
A7. Bootstrapping Privacy

Tyler Farrar
Director, Information Security
PC4: Cyber Audit Training

Randall Frietzsche
Denver Health
Chief Information Security (CISO) and Privacy Officer
E1. Relationships are Critical

Jim Gerken
Novacoast, Inc.
Director - Security Services (Identity)
B3. Identity and Access in a Fractured Environment

R. Trent Greenwood
Carbon Black
Senior Manager Sales Engineering/Security Strategist
E8. Times Have Changed…Why Haven’t We

Christie Gross
Delta Dental of California
Cybersecurity Solutions Engineer Lead
C6. Math Is Hard: Compliance to Continuous Risk Management

Chris Hammer
Director - Information Security
H8. The Evolving Risk Landscape

John Hellickson
Kudelski Security
Vice President of US Advisory Services, CISO Advisory
H7. How CISOs Gain Trust in the Boardroom

Jacques Lucas
Sr. Security Manager – Compliance and Audit
A4. Those Old Rules for Password—Gone

Mohamed Malki
Colorado Governor Office of IT
Enterprise Security Architecture
PC3: Cloud Security Training

Danny Manimbo
Schellman & Company, LLC
Senior Manager
B6. SOC’ing It to Cybersecurity Threats