Welcome! Join the Global Zen Consciousness Conference with high conscious mind and inner ability and innermost intelligence endowed in us. The conference will bring together the world’s leading minds, including philosophers, scientists, artists, and spiritual and futurist leaders, to discuss and explore Zen consciousness, quantum communication, and quantum field theory. We firmly believe that together we will create a worldwide revolution by combining the spheres of science and Eastern philosophy to help humanity realize that at the deepest sub-nuclear level and at the innermost consciousness level we are all one.


Should you be forced to cancel your registration after payment of the fee, you will be entitled to a full refund less $50 handling fee within 48 hours of booking. After that, a 50% refunds will be provided until September 1st. No refunds will be provided after September 1st. A substitute may be designated at any time prior to the conference.
Student = Any person with a valid student ID from a High School or College.