Saturday, September 14, 2019 
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM 
Sunday, September 15, 2019 
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM 
Healthy Families America Meeting (closed session)
Monday, September 16, 2019 
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM 
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM 
3:00 PM – 6:30 PM 
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM 
Healthy Families America Meeting (closed session)
Conference Kickoff + Opening Plenary
Exhibit Hall Open
Welcome Reception
Tuesday, September 17, 2019 
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM 
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM 
Exhibit Hall Open
8:30 AM –9:30 AM
  • Enhancing Reflective Supervision through Mindfulness & Self-compassion, Jenn Reed
  • Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect and Promoting Healthy Development: Lessons from the Essentials for Childhood Initiative, Phyllis Ottley
  • The Generational Cycle: How Parenting Shapes Attachment and Attachment Shapes Parenting, Craig Platt
  • Exposure to ACEs and Family Resilience: A Comparison of Race and Ethnic Differences using National Data, Paul Lanier, Co-Presenter: Quinton Smith
  • My Life, My Choice: Preventing the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Adolescent Girls, Patty Mojta, Co-Presenter: Audrey Morrissey
  • Risks of Harm for Children and Pets in Domestically Violent Homes: A Unique Community Partnership to Inform Prevention, Andrew Campbell, Co-Presenters: Sandy Runkle and Stephanie Shene
  • Trauma Informed Systems in Indian Country, Ashley Trautman, Co-Presenters: Laura Guay and Lauren Kelso
  • Joint Presentation #1
    • The Perception and Understanding of Child Sexual Abuse and Other Forms of Child Maltreatment, Amanda Haboush Deloye
  • Understanding the role of social norms in preventing and responding to violence against children in Uganda, Richard Wamimbi, Co-Presenter: Grace Namakoye
  • Joint Presentation #2
    • The New Crisis Nursery Model: A Two Generation Approach to Address Child Welfare Priorities, Annette Iwamoto
    • The Keeping Families Together Initiative (KFT): Preliminary Findings and Plans for Ongoing Evaluation, Joseph Mienko, Co-Presenters: Michaele Lansing and Jason Wallin
  • Joint Presentation #3
    • Reducing the Number of Children Entering Foster Care: Effects of State Earned Income Tax Credits, Whitney L. Rostad, Co-Presenters: Katie A. Ports, Shichao Tang, and Joanne Klevens
    • Strength and Synergy: Creative Integration of Family Economic Empowerment Tools, Maria Yolanda Parra, Co-Presenters: Sarah Oo, Fadumo Hirsi, and Marcia Burgos
    • Can we prevent child abuse by reducing household food insecurity?, Jesse Helton
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
  • More Than Therapy: The Link Between Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Support, and Therapeutic Services, Aislinn Conrad, Co-Presenters: Megan Ronnenberg, Armeda Wojciak, and Elizabeth Menninga
  • A preliminary study of an educational intervention to increase postpartum medical visit attendance in home visited mothers, Briana Shannon 
  • Building an Early Learning Community: What Does it Take?, Cailin O'Connor    
  • Improving Child Maltreatment, Foster Care Entry, and Permanency Outcomes using Community Action Teams: A Case Study in Cook County, Illinois, Jennifer M. Geiger, Co- Presenter: Jasmine Kennedy
  • Aiming to Eliminate Health Disparities and Enhancing Home Visiting Service Delivery, Lillian Hampton- Giles, Co-Presenters: Samantha Thomas and Lillian Giles
  • Utilizing High Reliability Principles to Create a Culture of Protection and Healing, Melanie Takinen       
  • Implementing an integrated, systems-based prevention approach to engage and empower Sacramento families, Nicole Mendoza, Co-Presenters: Victoria Hartman and Derek Slama
  • Addressing the Impact Adultification Has on Children and How Communities Can Help Them to Build Resilience, Jacqueline Miller
10:15 AM – 11:45 AM
  • Moving Upstream toward Trauma-Responsive Prevention and Intervention in Child Welfare, Joshua P. Mersky, Co-Presenters: James Topitzes, Kate C. Bennett, and Leah Cerwin
  • Practice, Policy, & Research Panel, Panel: PCAA, Doris Duke Fellows, and National Conference of State Legislatures        
  • A 50-year history of home visitation in the US: Where to now?, Richard D. Krugman      
  • Supervision is NOT a Dark Art: Achieving Supervision Mastery, Nickey Stamey, Co-Presenter: Mark Ownbey
  • Partnering with Parents to Screen for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), Sarah Baig  
  • The Business Case for Prevention, Sandra Alexander, Co-Presenters: Vicky Roper and Jade Woodard   
  • Raising Public Awareness through Discussions of Human Dignity and Childhood: Connecting with our Families and Our Past!, Lucien X. Lombardo           
  • How Human-Centered Design Led to Mobility Mentoring as a Solution to Housing and Home Management Challenges in our Child Welfare Programs, Jennifer Winkler, Co-Presenters: Luke Waldo and Allie Tollaksen
  • Project90, Cate Jordan 
  • Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation, Marlysa Gamblin        
  • Trauma Survivors are Warriors!, Elizabeth Jimenez-Vasquez     
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Lunch Plenary Session
1:45 PM – 3:15 PM
  • Verizon Breakout: "The Big 3 in Home Visiting" Lecture Series, Carla Worley Saunders, DNP, APRN, NNP-BC
  • Separation, Grief, & Loss:  An Inconspicuous but Powerful Life Force, Kate Whitaker      
  • Learning as an Organization: Data-Driven Quality Improvement Efforts in the Great Lakes Region, Annette Iwamoto, Co-Presenters:, Julia Heany, Alyce Hernandez, Tom Hinds, Jenny Bisonette, Mary Tribble, and Rob Reid
  • Let's Talk about How to Talk about ACEs, Lynn Davey   
  • A model for state led implementation support to lead agencies of evidenced based home visiting within multi-site systems, Rosanna M. Batista, Co-Presenter: Steven Pascal
  • Family First: Engaging State Lawmakers in Reforming Child Welfare Systems, Miranda Lynch, Co-Presenter: Nina Williams Mbengue
  • Using the Spectrum of Prevention to Address Substance Use in Families, Jade Woodard, Co-Presenter: Anne Auld
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement on Corporal Punishment, Robert Sege          
  • Trauma Transformation Initiative: Healing Hearts and Improving Childhood Outcomes, Gina Hernandez, Co-Presenter: Jessica Nugent
  • Making the Case for Trauma-Responsive Home Visiting, Jeffrey Langlieb, Co-Presenters: Joshua Mersky and James Topitzes
  • Joint Presentation
    • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Panel, Jessi Corcoran, Co-Presenter: Mary Kleman
    • Making the Case for Early Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education: The Healthy Relationships Project 2018 Formal Evaluation, Beth Hoffman          
    • Preventing Sexual Violence- A Community Driven Approach, Amanda Haboush Deloye  
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Verizon Breakout: "The Big 3 in Home Visiting" Lecture Series, Casey Keene, LMSW      
  • Supervisor Overload, Lynn H Kosanovich, Co-Presenter: Christi Peeples            
  • Precision Home Visiting: What’s the Big Idea? Jon Korfmacher, Co-Presenter: Matthew Poes
  • Home visiting effects on breastfeeding and bedsharing: A randomized field trial, Joshua P. Mersky, Co-Presenters: Colleen E. Janczewski, Chienti P. Lee, and Tajammal Yasin
  • Raising awareness alongside the continuum of child welfare, Katie Facchinello, Co-Presenters: Kendra Dunn, Mary Gerlach, and Ramonna Robinson
  • Predict-Align-Prevent: Place-based Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare, Dyann Daley  
  • Connections Matter: A Prevention Response to Adverse Childhood Experiences, Liz Cox, Co-Presenter: Lucy Holms
  • No Hit Zones: An Innovative Approach to Child Physical Abuse Prevention, Julia Fleckman, Co-Presenter: Stacie LeBlanc
  • Health Outcomes of Positive Experience Workshop, Robert Sege          
  • Joint Presentation #1
    • Minnesota's Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP): A Statewide Child Maltreatment Prevention and Early Intervention Program, Charlotte McDonald     
    • Engaging in Advocacy and Policy for Prevention, Jamie Mauhay, Co-Presenter: Sheila Boxley
    • Coming together to promote healthy child development: Evaluation of a community coalition, Tiffany Burkhardt, Co-Presenters: Lee Ann Huang, Colleen Schlecht, and Erin Carreon
  • Joint Presentation #2
    • Resisting myths and reducing shame: Understanding the impact of rape culture on the prevalence of sexual assault within the African American Community, Carmel P. Browne
    • “I Didn’t Know Where To Go”: A Review of Stop It Now!’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Helpline, Jenny Coleman
Wednesday, September 18, 2019 

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM                  

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM                

Exhibit Hall Open

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM               

  • Verizon Breakout: "The Big 3 in Home Visiting" Lecture Series, Pradeep Gidwanni, MD, MPH, FAAP       
  • Replacing the Parent Survey:  A Sneak Peek, Lynn H. Kosanovich, Co-Presenters: Kathryn Harding and Ellie Jimenez
  • Eliminating Abuse Within Sport: How the U.S. Center for SafeSport is Championing Athlete Well-Being, Dan Mills         
  • Cultural Considerations for Trauma Informed Care: Working with American Indian/Alaska Native Populations, Maegan Rides at The Door, Co-Presenter: Ashley Trautman
  • Getting all our ducks in a row: Coherence and clarity in program design, Lauren Supplee, Co-Presenter: Matthew Poes
  • Mind Matters: Healing Trauma in our Care of Self and Others, Carolyn Curtis
  • A Conversation Guide for Professionals working with Families, Anne Auld, Co-Presenter: Jade Woodard
  • Painless ParentingStacie LeBlanc
  • Joint Presentation #1
  1. Prevention is Local: A Roadmap to Child Maltreatment Prevention in One NC Community, Melea Rose-Waters, Co-Presenter: Sharon Hirsch
  2. Strengthening Communities to Prevent Child Maltreatment: Lessons from Colorado’s New State Framework and Community Planning Process, Vani Tangella, Co-Presenters: Kendra Dunn, Maegan Lokteff, and Sarah Prendergast
  3. Developing a Statewide Child Maltreatment Prevention Needs Assessment, Abby Patterson, Co-Presenter: Julie Gibbons
  • Joint Presentation #2
    • An Overview of the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support, Samantha Florey
    • Families and Communities Together: A Program Evaluation of Family Resource Centers Using Geographic-based Comparison Groups, Peter J. Pecora, Co-Presenters: Ericka Danczak, Catherine Roller White, Paul Bonfanti, and Jorge Cabrera
  • Joint Presentation #3
    • Infant Mental Health Training and Support Framework, Sara Remington, Co-Presenter: Susan Dickstein
    • Broward AWARE! Community and Statewide Partnerships to Protect Children, Andrew Leone, Co-Presenter: Chris Lolley

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM           

  • OFF-SITE Conference Exclusive: EVICTED, Sarah Leavitt
  • Let the Movement Begin, Rene Howitt, Co-Presenter: Teresa Olsen
  • Cheers for CHEERS! Tracie Lansing, Co-Presenter: Christa Austin
  • Prioritizing Primary Prevention: Stopping sexual abuse before it starts, Julia Strehlow, Co-Presenters: Laura Daily and Karina Gil
  • Building Brain Architecture:  It's Group Work! Roger Sherman  
  • SIBLINGS- Bullying, Betrayal and Bonding, Across the Life Span, SuEllen Fried   
  • Minnesota's Experience Implementing the Self-Healing Communities Model, Emily Clary, Co-Presenters: Linsey McMurrin and Lisa Deputie
  • Joint Presentation #1
    • Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) As A Population Approach to Reducing Child Maltreatment, Marshall Tyson, Co-Presenters: Sharon Hirsch and Kristin O'Connor
    • Triple P America, Rebecca Ruffner, Co-Presenter: Sara van Driel
  • Joint Presentation #2
    • Innovations in Child Abuse Prevention Utilizing ECHO to Create Virtual Communities of Learning and Guided Practice    , Kathryn Wells
    • Multidisciplinary Guideline Development: A Collaborative Approach to CAPTA’s Plans of Safe Care Requirement, Jillian Adams, Co-Presenter: Matt Holtman
  • Joint Presentation #3
    • Machine Learning and Child Welfare: The Intersection of Data, Equity, and Values, Jesse Russell           
    • Using Predictive Analytic to Prevent Child Maltreatment: Applying Ethical Frameworks for Algorithmic Transparency, Paul Lanier        
  • Joint Presentation #4
    • Trends in Confirmed Versus Possible Shaken Baby Syndrome Incidences Among Children Hospitalized for Maltreatment, Aislinn Conrad, Co-Presenter: Megan Ronnenberg
    • Capacity Building Success for the Shaken Baby Association, Susan Kainz, Co-Presenter: Shirley Wehmeier

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM        

Lunch Plenary Session    

1:45 PM – 3:15 PM      

  • OFF-SITE Conference Exclusive: EVICTED, Sarah Leavitt
  • Cultural Humility, Cynthia Muhar, Co-Presenter: Dion Racks
  • Practitioners as Researchers:  How to conduct or partner on evaluating your program, Mark Ownbey, Co-Presenter: Kathryn Harding
  • Caregiver Engagement and Leadership Development in Pediatric Practice to Mitigate Social Determinants of Health: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives, Angeline K. Spain, Co-Presenter: Kaela Byers
  • Powerful Prevention Partners: Children's Trust Funds and PCA Chapters, Teresa Rafael, Co-Presenters: Kendra Dunn, Jade Woodard, Natalie Towns, and Julia Neighbors
  • Child Fatality Review:  Maximizing Prevention Impact, Sandra Alexander, Co-Presenter: Angie Boy
  • Engaging Dads, Michael Ramos
  • Using Videotape Review with Families to Promote Early Relationships, Kate Rosenblum, Co-Presenter: Kate Whitaker
  • Uncovering America's Best Kept Secret: Family Resource Centers and Family Support & Strengthening Networks, Andrew Russo           
  • Joint Presentation
    • Endo-pheno-what? Defining and translating science on neurophysiological functioning into practice and policy, Steven J. Holochwost  
    • Change in Mind: Cutting Edge Research on the Development of Organizational and Community Capacity to Create Innovative Programs Increasing the Resilience of Children and Families Exposed to ACEs, Jennifer A. Jones, Co-Presenter: Meg Hargreaves, Gabriel McGaughey, and John Till
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Facilitating Change: Understanding the Change Process, Elizabeth Jimenez-Vasquez     
  • Beyond the Training: Supporting the Transfer of Learning into Practice, Meg Manning, Co-Presenter: Lee MacKinnon
  • Partnering to Serve Pregnant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care, Amy Dworsky, Co-Presenters: Elissa Gitlow, Jaime Russell, and Andrea Chua
  • The HFA Advantage: Changing Lives through Interconnection, Tracie Lansing, Co-Presenters: Amy Faugas and Jen Baxter
  • Maintaining your Workforce Through Protective Factors and Self-Care Strategies, Tracy Small, Co-Presenter: Mary Towers
  • Joint Presentation #1
    • Development and Utility of a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Tool for Selecting Evidence-Based Child Neglect Prevention Programs for Implementation, Gracelyn Cruden, Co-Presenters: Kristen Hassmiller Lich, Paul Lanier, Leah Frerichs, Byron Powell, and C. Hendricks Brown
    • Innovative Practices at the State level: Developing a Child-Well-Being Data Dashboard, Nicole Sillaman, Co-Presenters: Jane Dockery and Carol Murray
  • Joint Presentation #2
    • Moving from knowledge to action: Changing practice to build protective factors, Cailin O'Connor         
    • Moving Strengthening Families Forward in Alabama, Sallye R. Longshore, Co-Presenter: Bailey McKell Waller
  • Joint Presentation #3
    • Leadership Through Purpose, Julie A. Woodbury, Co-Presenter: Melissa Eyers
    • Building a Strong Team, Danita Roberts, Co-Presenters: Cristina Massey
This schedule is subject to change. More information to come.