NPHTI Certificates of Participation

21-23, 2020
 in Melbourne AUSTRALIA and March 27-29, 2020 in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
 have been POSTPONED INDEFINITELY due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  Current  plans are to hopefully 
re-schedule these Workshops for some time between January-March, 2021.  Please check back to the Website for periodic updates.
To view a sample parchment paper document, please click here.
Payment by credit card is required prior to receiving your certification.
Why did NPHTI design this Certificate of Participation collection?
These certificates will offer visible documentation of your commitment to add pediatric hypnosis skills and knowledge to your clinical acumen. Such training records could add to your credibility and may also contribute to patients’ trust. Also, they provide evidence to health care colleagues and administrators of your expanded repertoire in integrative health modalities.
What’s the difference between a certificate of participation vs. a certificate of competence?
NPHTI’s Certificate of Participation of Pediatric Hypnosis Training confirms that a licensed health professional (with Masters or higher degree) has participated in a NPHTI pediatric hypnosis skills development workshop level(s) approved by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  It also documents your efforts for ongoing skill development by identifying which levels of training were taken within NPHTI’s multi-level educational program.
Certificates of competence are awarded to clinicians who successfully meet predetermined standards for knowledge, skills and competencies by completing an assessment process (e.g. oral, practical and/or written exam). This norm by other training organizations awarding such “certification” also requires the clinician to maintain continued competence for this time-limited credential. While there are plans for the future, NPHTI does not YET offer a certificate of competence.
How to document workshop participation?
NPHTI’s Certificate of Participation documents a clinician’s participation throughout the entire 3-day workshop. We trust that past participants attended the entire workshop, so you can purchase display documents for prior workshops.  Attendance at past workshops will be verified before the certificate is sent. You will be required to upload a copy of your certificate(s) you received upon completing past workshop(s), documenting NPHTI attendance and continuing education received.
Pre-ordering this optional certificate at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop is required in order to receive it on-site after the completion of the workshop. If ordered during the workshop, it will be delivered within 3 weeks following the workshop.
What happens to the proceeds?
Proceeds from these purchased certificates will support design, development, and maintenance of a NPHTI database for professionals and parents to access names of clinicians trained in NPHTI’s pediatric hypnosis skills workshops.
Pamela Kaiser, PhD, CPNP, CNS
Daniel P. Kohen, MD, FAAP, ABMH
Co-Founders & Co-Directors, NPHTI