Amber Winthers

Director of Compliance at Broadnet

Speaker Bio
Amber Winthers is a cybersecurity expert who values the human component to cybersecurity. Her passion comes from empowering individuals to better protect the organization, prepare for cybersecurity threats, and create/manage ‘people-centric’ Information Security Programs by translating cybersecurity in a way that “makes sense”. Amber is the Director of Compliance at Broadnet. She has received her Bachelor of Science in Business Technology, Marketing, and Business Management, as well as her Master of Science in Information Assurance and Computer Security, and certifications including the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), ITIL4, NaCO, and others. Over the last nine years years, Amber has provided cybersecurity expertise to several financial institutions, healthcare facilities, NASA, and Federal, State & Local governments.
Amber Winthers