George Nsude

Security Consultant at Amazon Web Services

Speaker Bio
George is a highly skilled security engineer with a passion for protecting hyperscale data centers, cloud applications, and enterprise customers. With eight years of experience in the IT industry, George has honed his expertise in hardware security, data loss prevention, and cloud governance, and has a deep understanding of the threat ecosystem targeting enterprise customers.
Throughout his career, George has worked tirelessly to explore and develop new techniques and tools to mitigate the risks posed by these threats. His dedication to his craft has allowed him to become an expert in the field of security, and his innovative solutions have helped countless organizations to stay secure in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape.
Today, George is focused on exploring the various aspects of security and privacy-aware infrastructure for the cloud. His passion for protecting sensitive data in the cloud has led him to push the boundaries of what is possible, and he is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve the security and privacy of cloud-based applications and services.
George graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a master’s degree in Technology Cybersecurity and Policy. He also has a graduate degree in Computer Science and obtained his bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. At Amazon Web Services, George works as a Security Consultant covering Amazon Security Lake, Executive Security Simulation, AppSec, and Multi-cloud.
George Nsude