Scott McCandless

Information Security Engineer at Holland & Hart

Speaker Bio
Scott McCandless was the kid who always took apart things to see how they worked — again and again, and again — much to the irritation of his parents and teachers. This natural curiosity has not waned over the years. It is now put to good use in his role as Information Security Manager at Holland & Hart, along with four years serving as the Vice President of Denver ISSA Chapter.  Scott helps define, implement, and mature security programs that align with company goals and meet compliance requirements.  He offers a depth of knowledge and acumen for communicating security strategy and implementing technology that has made him the go-to problem solver throughout his 20-plus year career.
In previous technology roles, Scott was continually relied on to figure things out. While doing things “the way they were done before” is certainly easier, particularly when you’re new to a job role, Scott has always seen the value of developing unique, customized security and technology solutions.
Scott graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in Theater and Philosophy. In his free time, he likes to eat good food, go skiing, and spend time in the Colorado and Washington State outdoors with his wife and son.
Scott McCandless