SB3: Today's Attacks Deserve Better. Stop Using Yesterday's Strategies

Thursday, June 8, 2023 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM

Exhibit Hall Stage B


During the past 10 years I’ve participated in many security incidents, received confidential readouts of other company incidents, collaborated with top well-known incident response firms as well as government agencies. It’s with these experiences and learnings I’ve applied an overlay of Zero Trust to the problem. Having also delivered Zero Trust strategies at two globally-recognized enterprises we can speak to the reality of the problem and solution. In 2022 I presented how my Enterprise Security teams delivered Zero Trust at Adobe and Cisco. So, let’s talk about why we prioritized the initiative; a forward thinking strategy that really defended against the attacks we were seeing. During this session we’ll discuss some high-profile security incidents from the past year, reviewing the themes, kill chain, and how or where a Zero Trust strategy might help prevent the attack, slow them down, or reduce risk. As an example, many high profile hacks all started similarly. Related to an employee or contractor credential theft (or purchase) and an MFA fatigue or bypass. These are NOT highly sophisticated attacks and there are strategies that can save your bacon.