Career Enhancement/Personal Development

D6: Talent Retention Amidst Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation

Friday, June 9, 2023 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Room 501/502


Employee engagement is at an all time low and resignations at an all time high. Traditional HR solutions of compensation and benefits are failing miserably to turn things around. Keeping people happy is paramount yet most of us don’t understand the real sources of our own happiness or any one else’s. It’s much more than compensation and benefits. This seminar focused on the science of human happiness will help you understand what really works to increase engagement and reduce resignations and how happy employees increase profitability. The presentation is both informational and motivational and delivers actionable strategies so the audience leaves with skills to better engage teams, increase their own happiness and help others find happier lives as well.

Learner Objectives

1. Understanding the real reason employees are leaving, why traditional HR measures are failing post pandemic, and what does work to increase engagement and reduce resignations. 2. Learn why employee happiness training improves everything from bad bosses to toxic corporate culture. 3. Statistics and strategies to get C-Suite buy in by showing how happy and engaged employees are profitable. 4. Actionable strategies to make the audience members and their teams happier and more engaged starting today.