Emerging Trends - Threat & Technology

C8: Preparing for the Next Era of Ransomware

Friday, June 9, 2023 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Room 403/404


In recent years, ransomware has been in an escalatory spiral, with more and more enterprises, governmental institutions, hospitals, and even critical infrastructure falling victim to unscrupulous attacks with higher and higher ransom demands. This session will share the results of a new research paper which explores the position of ransomware in cybercrime and what would trigger changes in ransomware business models. When pushed, ransomware actors are expected to replace their current ransomware payloads to create a new business plan: phishing for crypto-wallets, stock manipulation, supply chain compromise, or even BEC. Hacking cryptocurrency exchanges could also be a potentially fruitful avenue for them. Find out how best to prepare for these changes by understanding their new avenues and methods of attack.

Learner Objectives

• Learn how the usage of more zero-day exploits and attacking cloud infrastructure will shape the landscape. • Discover why defending against initial access brokers and arresting them is key in the fight against ransomware. • Understand how sanctions, cryptocurrency regulation, cloud adoption, and hardening networks will trigger ransomware actors to evolve but not revolutionize their business models. • Realize how ransomware actors are expected to utilize crypto crime to their advantage. • Learn why ransomware actors are expected to evolve with more automation, better OpSec, and adding new cloud targets and IoT platforms – and why Linux ransomware will continue to grow.