Career Enhancement/Personal Development

Strategies for Creating a Cybersecurity Career: For Newcomers, Career Changers, or Stale Jobs (COMM)

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Room 504


Join us for an introduction to the field in where and how to get started, what the industry business drivers are, and where and how to engage in opportunities. We will help you actively engage in cybersecurity, where the professionals live, help you represent yourself visibly and actively in the marketplace, while becoming active in the right places, and leveraging your resources for the best results. This includes inputs on education opportunities, career goals, and how to get connected. We will help you get started and create a path in the forest, while paring the forest down to the business need and your current interests. We will help you create visibility and a platform to stand out on your own, while presenting options for successful degree programs, learning and certification. We will guide on the value and ways to gain experience and entry to the field. We will help you identify low hanging fruit, fit current staffing challenges to your own growth plan, and create your own career plan to enter the field, so you can take the journey forward into the future.

Learner Objectives

-- Identify opportunities to enter the field or transition to cybersecurity, or restart a stale career -- Write a career plan with actionable results starting immediately, and that builds for the future -- Gain insights that help leverage resources for best value and opportunities -- Create a platform that moves you forward immediately and into the future -- Develop new skills while you also build a cybersecurity career