PC3: Developing and Executing a Sound Cybersecurity Strategy

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Room 505


Cybersecurity incidents can damage the brand, cause a drop in the stock price, result in loss of revenues, and, worst-case scenario, put the organization out of business. For example, Lincoln College announced after that it is closing in 2022 after more than 157 years because of a ransomware attack that corrupted its mission critical systems. Why do businesses fail to incorporate cybersecurity as a core component of their business strategy? Why don’t they provide adequate funding for investments in security people, processes, and technologies?  Join this session to change your perspective about the best ways to engage management in the cybersecurity process.  This is not a technical presentation. Participants will explore the realities that all organizations face related to cybersecurity and the imperatives for integrating security into corporate strategy. 

  • How do you align security and risk management with strategic planning and business management practices?
  • What did corporate executives learn in their MBA programs that you can use to your advantage? 
  • What do you need and how do you collect the information needed to create a strategic plan that addresses security concerns: budgets, business cases, constraints, desires, long-term goals, objectives, plans, and vision statements. 
  • How do you convert the bulleted list of things to do into an action plan that drives meaningful results for your security program?