G8: The Science Behind Phishing Attacks: Partnering BEC Prevention Technology and CyberPsychology to Provide Novel Protection Methodologies

Friday, September 23, 2022 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Room 504


Business Email Compromise (BEC), Wire Fraud, and Ransomeware represent the leading compromise methods leveraged across a wide range of threat actors targeting every industry sector without exception. By focusing on the most complex aspect of cyber security, the human element, EVOTEK Labs’ Leading Industry Researchers and ArmorBlox are addressing cyber security’s most significant challenges head-on. By combining novel research in cyberpsychology with revolutionary AI/ML-Enabled BEC technology, EVOTEK Labs and ArmorBlox conjoin Cyber Research and Cyber Engineering to protect users and their organizations through contextual education and training in their modern cloud-based work environments. Join DJ Sampat, CEO & Co-Founder of ArmorBlox, Dr. Jacob Rubin, CISO and Industry Leading Researcher with EVOTEK, and their honored guests in a panel forum to discuss how a revolutionary approach is pushing the limits of BEC and end-user security to new levels.