C8. Security as a Business Asset: How to redefine security in a business context
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Why do security organizations constantly need to justify their budgets?  Why don’t boards and CEOs care about security KPIs?  Why are CISOs and security organizations treated as outsiders by business leaders and organizations?

It is not about security organizations needing to do a better job.  The context of security in a business enterprise is misplaced, therefore misunderstood and often misguided.  It is time to reframe the role of security in an enterprise so it becomes an integral part of business planning. 

This session focuses on a paradigm shift for which the time has come.  Cyber security needs to move from its historical humble context to the context of today’s digital enterprise.  This BIG idea starts here, and with CISOs and their security organizations.

Learner Objectives

This session is for CISOs and security professionals.  After this session the learners will walk away with new implementable strategic concepts of how to a) think about their function in the context of the overall business enterprise, b) learn practical tips on how to reframe the discussion with their business peers and gain a seat at the table, and c) develop a framework to become transformation leaders within their enterprises.

Speaker Bio(s)
Lisa Love is the Founder and CEO of L2 Cyber Solutions (fka LSquared) with 20+ years of experience in advanced cyber security. Prior she served in the US Air Force and Colorado Air National Guard (1991-1998). Post-military, Ms. Love joined Raytheon Systems as a Space Operator/System Security Engineer. She is recognized as a trusted advisor who leads organizations to achieving their Cyber objectives. Under Lisa’s leadership, L2 has delivered more than a decade of successful mission-critical security implementations to leading government and federal agencies, and private enterprises.