T11: Electric Powertrain: Energy Systems, Power Electronics and Drives for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles
Sunday, October 11, 2020
10:30 AM - 10:55 AM


John Hayes and Abas Goodarzi



In this introductory tutorial, the authors present a three-part seminar based on their 2018 book Electric Powertrain: Energy Systems, Power Electronics and Drives for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles, an industry reference and a structured holistic textbook for the teaching of the fundamental theories and applications. The first half of the tutorial is a lively overview of battery, fuel cell, and hybrid electric vehicles with their strong Detroit roots. The second part of the tutorial reviews the traction machines. The third part of the tutorial reviews the power electronics, and discusses the propulsion, charging, accessory, and auxiliary power converters.


Instructor Bios: 

John G. Hayes, PhD, MSEE, MBA, is a senior lecturer at University College Cork, Ireland, and specializes in automotive, industrial and renewable energy systems and related power electronics, machines and electromagnetism. He previously worked in Southern California for ten years at General Motors’ Hughes Aircraft subsidiary developing EV propulsion and inductive charging systems for the General Motors EV1, the first modern production EV. John’s recent focus has been on the development of integrated and holistic EV teaching materials for the engineering student and the automotive professional.

John is the lead author, with co-author Dr. Abas Goodarzi, CEO of US Hybrid in Los Angeles, on a new textbook for university undergraduates and for industry reference. The book is titled Electric Powertrain: Energy Systems, Power Electronics and Drives for Electric, Hybrid and Fuelcell Vehicles. The publisher is John Wiley & Sons and the book was released in January 2018.

Dr. Abas Goodarzi is the President and CEO of US Hybrid and the Chairman of Magmotor Technologies. With over 40 years of EV and HEV experience, he currently directs Technology and Product Development at US Hybrid with a focus on fuel cell, electric and hybrid powertrain design and manufacturing for medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial and military vehicles. Additionally, since the acquisition by  US Hybrid of the UTC Power PEM Transportation division, he  directs the development and production of the integrated fuel cell engine systems for medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

After his experiences as a professor at Cal State San Francisco, as a project engineer at US Windpower, as the Technical Director of General Motor’s EV1 program, and as a Senior Scientist at Hughes Aircraft Company, he founded US Hybrid in 1999 and directed the development of various high-power-density and high-efficiency electric powertrains, auxiliary components and BOP components for fuel cells.  

Dr. Goodarzi’s key areas of electric powertrain experience and expertise include motors and controllers, power converters, energy management systems and vehicle control systems. He holds doctoral and master’s degrees from the University of Missouri, Columbia in power electronics, and has been a registered Professional Engineer since 1985.  Dr. Goodarzi has published books, noted articles, and patents, and has received various professional awards. 

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