S54: Power Converter EMI
Thursday, October 15, 2020
11:35 AM - 12:05 PM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Electromagnetic Interference Spectrum Steering Technique using Switching Angle Modulation in DC-DC Converters (Le Yang, Shuo Wang)

2. Modeling, Design, and Implementation of a Novel Transformer-Less Feedforward-Controlled Active EMI Filter for AC-DC Power Converters (Zhe Zhang, Ali M. Bazzi)

3. Design and Implementation of Selective Active EMI Filter with Digital Resonant Controller (Hongwu Peng, Balaji Narayanasamy, Asif Imran Emon, Zhao Yuan, Mustafeez Ul Hassan, Fang Luo)

4. A Novel Simulation Model for Common-Mode Inductors based on the Permeance-Capacitance Analogy (Shotaro Takahashi, Satoshi Ogasawara)

5. Analysis of Conducted Electromagnetic Noise Spectra Reduction for Flyback Converter using Frequency Dithering Technique (Rong Huang, Qing Ji, Lihong Xie, Min Cheng)

6. Conducted EMI Suppression using Power Semiconductor Filter in Fixed-Frequency Operation (Kun Zhang, John Wing-To Fan, Chung-Pui Tung, Henry Shu-Hung Chung)

7. Near Field Coupling's Impact on Radiated EMI and Mitigation Techniques for Power Converters in Automotive Applications (Juntao Yao, Shuo Wang, Zheng Luo)

8. Investigation and Reduction of Near Electric Field Emitted from a Helical Inductor (Mohamed El-Sharkh, Shuo Wang, Boyi Zhang)

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