S51: Power Converter Control
Thursday, October 15, 2020
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Global Optimization for Dual Active Bridge Converters to Minimize RMS Current (Ruoyu Li, Linghui Meng, Rongxin Chen, Han Yan, Zeliang Shu)

2. Three-Phase-Four-Wire Three-Level Inverter with Neutral Inductor and Neutral Module for Saving AC-Filter-Inductances and DC-Link-Capacitances (Li Zhang, Donghan Shi, Wentao Jiang, Tianbo Yang, Chi Jin, Yiming Zhang, Wai Kuan Loh, Yi Tang)

3. Systematic Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive Control Design with Unified Model for Isomorphic and Dual Power Converters (Cheng Xue, Yuzhuo Li, Yunwei Li)

4. Optimized Cascaded Controller Design for a 10 kW/100 kHz Large Signal Bandwidth AC Power Source (Florian Krismer, Varsha N. Behrunani, Pascal S. Niklaus, Johann W. Kolar)

5. Inverter Nonlinearity Compensation of Discontinuous PWM Considering Voltage Drop of Power Semiconductor and Dead Time Effect (Joon-Hee Lee, Seung-Ki Sul)

6. Design of Harmonic Tolerant Mock-Up-Load for Distribution System Testbed (Hitesh Kumar, Santanu K. Mishra, Mandeep Singh Rana)

7. PI Controller Tuning Optimization for Grid-Connected VSC using Space Mapping (Wesam Taha, Mohamed Bakr, Ali Emadi)

8. Subsynchronous Resonance Analysis in Multi-Bus Multi-VSC Power System based on Two-Port Network Modeling Method (Shih-Feng Chou, Xiongfei Wang, Frede Blaabjerg)

9. Design of Control Architecture for Stacked Low-Inertia Converters with Fast Dynamic Control (Xiangyu Han, Liran Zheng, Zheng An, Rajendra Prasad Kandula, Maryam Saeedifard, Deepak Divan)

Sessions (On-Demand with Live Q&A Sessions)