S46: Control and Stability of Power Converters
Thursday, October 15, 2020
10:10 AM - 10:40 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Asymmetric Parameters Design for Bidirectional Resonant CLLC Battery Charger (Jun Min, Martin Ordonez)

2. Primary Frequency Control in Islanded Microgrids using Solid-State Transformers as Virtual Synchronous Machines (Javad Khodabakhsh, Gerry Moschopoulos)

3. Design and Optimization of AC-Side Filter using Coupled Inductor for Single-Phase Full-Bridge Inverter (Zhe Yang, Paige Williford, Fred Wang, Sandeep Bala, Jing Xu)

4. CCM vs. CRM Design Optimization of a Boost-Derived Parallel Active Power Decoupler for Microinverter Applications (Yidi Shen, Michael D'Antonio, Shiladri Chakraborty, Alireza Khaligh)

5. Using Deterministic Optimization to Compare Interleaved and Coupled Inverters: Results and Experimental Verification (Adrien Voldoire, Jean-Luc Schanen, Jean-Paul Ferrieux, Benoit Sarrazin, Cyrille Gautier, Marwan Ali)

6. A Hybrid Multi-Loop Current Control of the Grid-Connected Converter with LCL Filter (Yong-Yao Shen, Meng-Jiang Tsai, Jiuyang Zhou, Po-Tai Cheng)

7. A Trigonometric Solution to the Problem of Overmodulation in Five-Phase Inverters (Luca Vancini, Michele Mengoni, Giacomo Sala, Gabriele Rizzoli, Luca Zarri, Angelo Tani)

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