S43: DC-AC Single-Phase Converters
Thursday, October 15, 2020
9:35 AM - 10:05 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. An Active Power Decoupling-integrated Four-Switch Quasi-Switched Boost Inverter (Pramit Nandi, Ravindranath Adda)

2. An n-Phase Interleaved Current Fed Switched Inverter (Sonam Acharya, Santanu Mishra, Arvind Tiwari)

3. New Five-Level Double-Flying-Capacitor Inverter Fed by a Boost-Flyback Converter (Antonio Venancio de M. Filho, Edison Roberto C. da Silva, André Elias L. Costa)

4. Efficiency Improvement with Off-Time Discrete Control for 1 MHz Operated Discontinuous Current Mode Grid-Tied Inverter (Cheng Huang, Jiantao Zhang, Tomoyuki Mannen, Takanori Isobe)

5. Model Predictive Control with Low Switching Frequency for Railway Power Compensator (Jeonghyeon Lee, Jehun Woo, Jongmin Jo, Hanju Cha)

6. Verification of Iron Loss Affected by Secondary Frequency in Multi-Core Transformer for Frequency Multiplying Circuit (Shogo Nishikawa, Koji Orikawa, Satoshi Ogasawara, Masatsugu Takemoto)

7. A Resonant Current Regulator for Direct Electrical Heating of Subsea Pipelines (Anindya Ray, Kaushik Rajashekara)

8. Dynamic Performance Improvement of Single-Phase DC-AC Converter with Non-Linear Digital Predictive Control (Shah Zaman, Yan Zhang, Liu Jinjun, Li Xinying, Nauman Ali Larik, Zhang Jinshui)

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