S42: Wireless Power Transfer in Transportation
Thursday, October 15, 2020
9:35 AM - 10:05 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. An Inductive Power Transfer System using Soft-Switched AC/AC Active-Clamped Half-Bridge Converter with Predictive Dead-Beat Grid Current Control (Phuoc Sang Huynh, Deepak Ronanki, Sheldon S. Williamson)

2. Multi-Pad Receivers for High Power Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (Benny J. Varghese, Regan A. Zane, Abhilash Kamineni, Reza Tavakoli, Zeljko Pantic, Chungchih Chou, Leo Liu)

3. Design of a 7.7 kW Three-Phase Wireless Charging System for Light Duty Vehicles based on Overlapping Windings (Samir Chowdhury, Md Tawhid Bin Tarek, Yilmaz Sozer)

4. Wireless Power Transfer System Integration with an On-Board Conductive Charger for Plug-In Electric Vehicles (Mohamed Elshaer, Chris Bell, Aqil Hamid, Jin Wang)

5. Electromagnetic Shielding Design for 200 kW Stationary Wireless Charging of Light-Duty EV (Bo Zhang, Richard B. Carlson, Veda P. Galigekere, Omer C. Onar, Jason L. Pries)

6. Unfolder-Based Single-Stage AC-AC Conversion System for Wireless Charging Applications (Chakridhar Reddy Teeneti, Rees Hatch, Dorai Babu Yelaverthi, Abhilash Kamineni, Hongjie Wang, Regan Zane)

7. Comparative Analysis of DWPT Topologies and Regulation Schemes for Improved Controllability (Anindya Chitta Bagchi, Abhilash Kamineni, Regan Zane, Richard Carlson)

8. Zero-Crossing Current Detection for Modular and Robust Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (Matthew Hansen, Abhilash Kamineni, Regan Zane)

Sessions (On-Demand with Live Q&A Sessions)