S41: Predictive and Sensorless Control of Electric Drives
Thursday, October 15, 2020
9:35 AM - 10:05 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Saliency-Based Speed Sensorless Control of Single-Inverter Dual Induction Machines using Re

Session 42: Wireless Power Transfer in Transportation


duced Amount of Current Sensors (Eduardo Rodriguez Montero, Markus Vogelsberger, Martin Bazant, Thomas Wolbank)

2. Improved Sensorless Control Method for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Considering Resistance Asymmetry and Temperature Variation (Tianyi Liu, Ziqiang Zhu, Zhanyuan Wu, David Stone, Martin Foster)

3. Sensorless Control of Wound Rotor Synchronous Motors based on Rotor High-Frequency Signal Injection (David Reigosa, Ye Gu Kang, María Martínez, Daniel Fernández, J.M. Guerrero, Fernando Briz)

4. Realization of Signal-Injection Sensorless Control of SMPMSM by Modification of Current Trajectory (Yoon-Ro Lee, Yong-Cheol Kwon, Seung-Ki Sul)

5. Position-Sensorless Control Design for Safety-Relevant Steer-by-Wire Applications (Kilian Rehorik, Abdelrahmen Elsman, Benjamin Grothmann, Nikolaus Reiland, Dieter Gerling, Fabio Giulii Capponi)

6. Mitigating DV/DT Stress Caused by the Line-Line Voltage Polarity Reversal in Model Predictive Controlled VSI Drives (Ameer Janabi, Shukai Wang, Jacob Buys, Bingsen Wang)

7. A Robust Predictive Current Control of Induction Motor Drives (Xing Wang, Yongchang Zhang, Haitao Yang, Boyue Zhang, Jose Rodriguez)

8. One Improved Finite-Set Model Predictive Current Control with Nonlinear Speed Regulator for Linear Induction Motor based on Linear Metro (Mosaad M. Ali, Wei Xu, Mahmoud F. Elmorshedy, Yi Liu, Minghai Dong)

9. Data-Driven Predictive Current Control for Synchronous Motor Drives (Paolo Gherardo Carlet, Andrea Favato, Saverio Bolognani, Florian Dörfler)

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