S39: Grid Interactive Converter Control
Thursday, October 15, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. CCS-MPC with Long Predictive Horizon for Grid-Connected Current Source Converter (Cheng Xue, Li Ding, Yunwei (Ryan) Li)

2. Decoupled Active and Reactive Power Control without PLL Requirement for Differential Buck Converter (Ahmad Khan, Mohsen Hosseinzadehtaher, Mitchell Easley, Mohammad B. Shadmand, Haitham Abu-Rub)

3. Control Technique for High-Frequency Soft-Switching Three-Phase Inverter under Grid Fault Condition (Gibong Son, Zhengrong Huang, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee)

4. Virtual Admittance PLL Structure for Grid Forming Power Converters in Microgrids (Andres Tarraso, Jose Ignacio Candela, Ngoc Bao Lai, Gregory N. Baltas, Pedro Rodriguez)

5. A Single Feedback Current Control Design Technique for LCL Grid-Connected Inverters based on Pole Allocation in the Frequency Domain (Uziel Santos de Araújo, João Raphael Souza Martins, André Pires Nóbrega Tahim, Darlan Alexandria Fernandes, José Renes Pinheiro, Fabiano Fragoso Costa)

6. Synchronverter-Based Control of Multi-Port Autonomous Reconfigurable Solar Plants (MARS) (Phani R.V. Marthi, Suman Debnath, Mariesa L. Crow)

7. Adaptive-Passive Virtual Inertia Control based on Energy Balance between a Synchronous Generator and a Three-Phase Inverter (Sara Yazdani, Mehdi Ferdowsi, Pourya Shamsi)

8. Dynamic Discontinuous PWM for Grid-Tied Inverter Applications (Zeljko Jankovic, Puneeth Murthy, Lixiang Wei, Adel Nasiri)

9. Optimal Design of Grid Interactive Inverters based on Harmonic State Space Modeling (Dongsen Sun, Xiaonan Lu, Liang Du)

Sessions (On-Demand with Live Q&A Sessions)