S37: Reliability, EMI and Fault Tolerance in Electric Drives
Thursday, October 15, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Fault-Tolerant Control of Five-Phase Open-End Induction motor Drive with a Floating Capacitor (Xiangwen Sun, Zicheng Liu, Dong Jiang, An Li)

2. Time-Frequency Domain based Diagnostics of Stator Faults in Motors Drives via Dispersal Magnetic Field (Hassan H. Eldeeb, Haisen Zhao, Osama A. Mohammed)

3. Universal SVPWM Fault-Tolerant Control of a New Five-Phase Flux-Intensifying Fault-Tolerant Interior-Permanent-Magnet Motor (Li Zhang, Xaiyong Zhu, Deyang Fan)

4. Fully Integrated Fault-Tolerance for PMSMs in Aviation Applications (Alastair P. Thurlbeck, Yue Cao)

5. Analysis and Evaluation of Active/Hybrid/Passive DV/DT-Filter Concepts for Next Generation SiC-Based Variable Speed Drive Inverter Systems (M. Haider, M. Guacci, D. Bortis, J.W. Kolar, Y. Ono)

6. Automatic Generation of Gate Driving Vectors for Digital Gate Drivers to Satisfy EMI Regulations (Ryuzo Morikawa, Toru Sai, Katsuhiro Hata, Makoto Takamiya)

7. A Novel Multi-Physical Coupled Model of Press-Pack IGBT in Steady Conducting State Considering Fretting Wear (Cao Zhan, Lingyu Zhu, Jiangang Dai, Ting Hou)

8. SiC based Interleaved VSI Fed Transverse Flux Machine Drive for High Efficiency, Low EMI Noise and High Power Density Applications (Salman K. Harasis, Md Ehsanul Haque, Anik Chowdhury, Yilmaz Sozer)

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