S35: DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy Applications
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Improvement of DC Nanogrid Energy Performance with a New Multi-Port Converter (Ramtin Rasoulinezhad, Adel Abosnina, Gerry Moschopoulos)

2. A High Gain DC-DC Topology based on Two-Winding Coupled Inductors Featuring Continuous Input Current (Mohsen Mahmoudi, Ali Ajami, Ebrahim Babaei, Nima Abdolmaleki, Caisheng Wang)

3. A Novel Single-Switch High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Low Voltage Stress on Active Components (Pedram Chavoshipour Heris, Zahra Saadatizadeh, Frede Blaabjerg)

4. New CRM Topology for Zero Voltage Switching in Quadratic High Gain Boost Converter (Nikhil Korada, Raja Ayyanar)

5. Low Side Switch based Regenerative Snubber Circuit for Flyback Converter (Saumya Bohra, Arnab Sarkar, Sandeep Anand)

6. Minimum Current-Ripple Point Tracking for Renewable Energy Applications (C.A. Villarreal-Hernandez, J. Loranca-Coutino, O.F. Ruiz-Martinez, J.C. Mayo-Maldonado, J.E. Valdez-Resendiz, J.C. Rosas-Caro, Daniel Guillen)

7. A Novel Boost Converter Topology with Non-Pulsating Input and Output Current (Enrique Garza-Arias, Julio C. Rosas-Caro, Jesus E. Valdez-Resendiz, Jonathan C. Mayo-Maldonado, Gerardo Escobar-Valderrama, Javier Loranca-Coutino, Carlos Villarreal-Hernandez, Leonardo J. Valdivia)

8. A High Efficiency and High Power SiC DC-DC Converter based on Interleaved-Boost and Full-Bridge LLC Integration for PV Applications (Shilei Lu, Kai Sun, Guoen Cao, Zheyuan Yi, Hanyu Liu, Yongdong Li)

9. Analysis of an LCL-Isolated Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter (Mahmoud Mehrabankhomartash, Xiangyu Han, Maryam Saeedifard, Deepak Divan)

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