S34: Inverter-based Resources for Power Quality Enhancement
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

Presentations and Authors:

1. CIMMCC and MSTOGI based Solar PV System for Improvement in Power Quality under Grid Voltage Variation (Abhishek Ranjan, Seema Kewat, Bhim Singh, Rohini Sharma)

2. Power Oscillation Control of Grid-Feeding Converter Considering Next Generation Grid Code during Asymmetrical Faults (Yu Feng, Zhikang Shuai, Jun Ge, Huimin Zhao, Z. John Shen)

3. Solar Photovoltaic Array Fed Unified Power Quality Conditioner System Enabling Alleviation of Asymmetrical Voltage Sag (Sanjenbam Chandrakala Devi, Bhim Singh, Priyank Shah, Sachin Devassy, Hina Parveen)

4. Resonance Suppression based on Predictive Control of Grid-following Inverters with LCL Filter in Weak Grid Condition (Muhammed Farooq Umar, Ahmad Khan, Mitchell Easley, Silvanus D'silva, Brevann Nun, Mohammad B. Shadmand)

5. A Novel Phase-Locked Loop based Four-Leg Converter Control for Unbalanced Load Compensation under Distorted and Unbalanced Grid Condition (Shilei Jiao, Krishna Raj R., Kaushik Rajashekara)

6. Development of a Hybrid Cascaded Converter based STATCOM with Reduced Switching Losses (Yu-Chen Su, Po-Tai Cheng)

7. State-Feedback-Based Low-Frequency Active Damping of VSC Operating in Weak-Grid Conditions (Federico Cecati, Rongwu Zhu, Marco Liserre, Xiongfei Wang)

8. Universal Active Power Filter based on AC-DC-AC Converter with Six Controlled Switches for Single-Phase Systems (Phelipe L.S. Rodrigues, Cursino B. Jacobina, Antônio M.N. Lima)

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