S30: Power Converter Control and Applications
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
11:35 AM - 12:05 PM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Grid-Connected Converter without Interfacing Filters: Principle, Analysis and Implementation (Yuchen He, Yuan Li, Qichen Yang, Robson Bauwelz Gonzatti, Allan Taylor, Fangzheng Peng)

2. Virtual Impedance-Based Grid Synchronization for Converters Connected through Long Cables (Robson Bauwelz Gonzatti, Bokang Zhou, Yuchen He, Allan R. Taylor, Fang Peng)

3. Negative Virtual Capacitance to Eliminate Resonance Oscillations in a Three-Phase Inverter with LCL Filter (Vikram Roy Chowdhury, Jonathan W. Kimball)

4. A Comparative Study between the PQ and IV Droop Control (Gustavo P. de Pontes, Camila S. Gehrke, Edison R. Cabral da Silva, Fabiano Salvadori, Lucas V. Hartmann)

5. Integrated Magnetics Design for an Interleaved Three-Phase Buck Converter (Yu-Chen Liu, Chen Chen, Yu-Chen Chung, Meng-Chi Tsai, Kim Ann Katherine)

6. Reduction of Vital Sensors in RSyM based Solar Water Pumping System (Hina Parveen, Utkarsh Sharma, Bhim Singh)

7. Demand Response of HVACs in Large Residential Communities based on Experimental Developments (Huangjie Gong, Evan S. Jones, Rosemary E. Alden, Andrew G. Frye, Donald Colliver, Dan M. Ionel)

8. Hierarchical Control of Heterogeneous Inverter Air-Conditionings for Primary Frequency Regulation (Tingyu Jiang, Ping Ju, Wenjie Ruan, Yang Yang, Jian Zhao, Fu Shen)

Sessions (On-Demand with Live Q&A Sessions)