S29: Machine Diagnostics and Protection
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
11:35 AM - 12:05 PM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Challenges of Common Mode Current and Voltage Acquisition for Stator Winding Insulation Health Monitoring (Fernando Alvarez-Gonzalez, David Hewitt, Antonio Griffo, Jiabin Wang)

2. Detection and Compensation of Inter-turn Short Circuits in Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines with 2-Level Voltage Source Inverter (Pablo Castro Palavicino, Woongkul Lee, Bulent Sarlioglu)

3. Effect of System Grounding, AC-DC Converter Topology and Inverter Modulation on Motor Insulation Voltage Stress (G.Y. Sizov, Z. Vrankovic, M.J. Melfi, G.L. Skibinski, Zhijun Liu)

4. A Novel Method of Monitoring and Locating Stator Winding Insulation Ageing for Inverter-Fed Machine based on Switching Harmonics (Dayong Zheng, Pinjia Zhang)

5. Triaxial Smart Sensor based on the Advanced Analysis of Stray Flux and Currents for the Reliable Fault Detection in Induction Motors (Israel Zamudio-Ramirez, Roque A. Osornio-Rios, Jose Antonino-Daviu)

6. Bispectrum Analysis of Stray Flux Signals for the Robust Detection of Winding Asymmetries in Wound Rotor Induction Motors (Miguel E. Iglesias-Martínez, Pedro Fernández de Córdoba, Jose Alfonso Antonino-Daviu, J. Alberto Conejero)

7. Flux-Based Detection and Classification of Induction Motor Eccentricity, Rotor Cage, and Load Defects (Jaehoon Shin, Yonghyun Park, Sang Bin Lee)

8. Fault Tolerance Analysis of a Ironless PM Machine for Energy Storage (Claudio Bianchini, Ambra Torreggiani, Danilo David, Matteo Davoli, Alberto Bellini)

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