S28: Batteries and Battery Converters
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Fuzzy Entropy-Based State of Health Estimation of LiFePO4 Batteries Considering Temperature Variation (Xin Sui, Shan He, Jinhao Meng, Remus Teodorescu, Daniel-Ioan Stroe)

2. Online Li-Ion Battery State of Health Implementation for Grid-Tied Applications (Irene Peláez, Ramy Georgious, Sarah Saeed, Pablo García, Igor Cantero)

3. Voltage Variation with Hybrid Pulse as a Novel Indicator for Lifetime Estimation of Li-Ion Battery using in Smart Grid (Shiqi Liu, Junhua Wang, Qisheng Liu, Jia Tang, Haolu Liu)

4. Simple and Low-Cost Online AC Ripple Current Injection Methods for a Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery (Julio C. Yela, Abdulraouf Benshatti, Thomas Link, S.M. Rakiul Islam, Sung-Yeul Park)

5. Digital Multi-Loop Control of an LLC Resonant Converter for Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging (Davide Cittanti, Matteo Gregorio, Eric Armando, Radu Bojoi)

6. Active Equalization of Series/Parallel Li-Ion Battery Modules including No-Load Conditions (Miguel Crespo, Ramy Georgious, Pablo García, Geber Villa)

7. Multi-Objective Optimization of Triple Port Converter for Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Integration (Sneha Thakur, Ghanshyamsinh Gohil, Poras T. Balsara)

8. A Fast Energy-Efficient Pulse Preheating Strategy for Li-Ion Battery at Subzero Temperatures (Zhiwu Huang, Zhiwei Gao, Yongjie Liu, Kaifu Guan, Hongtao Liao, Yue Wu, Yinhui Le, Fu Jiang, Jun Peng)

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