S15: DC-AC Three-Phase Converters
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Minimizing Losses Induced by Parasitic Winding Capacitance in Electric Drives by Means of Soft-Switching GaN-Based ARCP (Thiago Pereira, Klaus Krischan, Annette Muetze, Marco Liserre)

2. High-Frequency Quasi-Z-Source Inverter Concept for Short-Circuit Capable GaN-HEMT-Based Converters (Taichi Nakayama, Tomoyuki Mannen, Akira Nakajima, Takanori Isobe)

3. Efficiency, Cost and Volume Comparison of Si-IGBT based T-NPC and 2-Level SiC-MOSFET based Topology with DV/DT Filter for High Speed Drives (Jelena Loncarski, Vito Giuseppe Monopoli, Riccardo Leuzzi, Pericle Zanchetta, Francesco Cupertino)

4. New Cascaded Converter Topologies for Transformerless Galvanic Active Isolation (Clint Halsted, Madhav Manjrekar)

5. Region-Based Stability Analysis of Resilient Distribution Systems with Hybrid Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Inverters (Lizhi Ding, Yuxi Men, Yuhua Du, Xiaonan Lu, Bo Chen, Jin Tan, Yuzhang Lin)

6. Power Control of Hybrid Grid-Connected Inverter to Improve Power Quality (Wooyoung Choi, Kyungsub Jung, Bulent Sarlioglu)

7. Current Limitation Strategy for Grid-Forming Converters under Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Grid Faults (Roberto Rosso, Soenke Engelken, Marco Liserre)

8. Grid Application and Controls Development for Medium-Voltage SiC-Based Grid Interconnects (Akanksha Singh, Xiangqi Zhu, Barry Mather, Firehiwot Gurara)

Sessions (On-Demand with Live Q&A Sessions)