S13: Additive and Alternative Manufacturing for Electric Machines
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Novel Multi-Layer Design and Additive Manufacturing Fabrication of a High Power Density and Efficiency Interior PM Motor (Maged Ibrahim, Fabrice Bernier, Jean-Michel Lamarre)

2. Minimization of Winding AC Losses using Inhomogeneous Electrical Conductivity Enabled by Additive Manufacturing (Fan Wu, Ayman M. El-Refaie)

3. Investigation on the Potential of PCB Winding Technology for High-Dynamic and High-Precision Linear Actuators (Guillaume Colinet, William Lamberts, Francois Baudart, Bruno Dehez)

4. A Study of Switched Reluctance Motor using Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheets (Yuzuki Tsuchiya, Kan Akatsu)

5. Comparative Analysis of PWM Power Losses in IPM Machines with Different Modulation Schemes using Wide-Bandgap-Based Inverters (Le Chang, Woongkul Lee, Thomas M. Jahns, Jihyun Kim)

6. Design of an Iron Loss Tester for the Evaluation of Assembled Stator Cores of Electric Machines (Maged Ibrahim, Jaydeep Bhalala, Pragasen Pillay)

7. Identifying AC Loss Distributions in Electrical Machines through Experimentally Informed Virtual Prototyping (Dominic North, Nick Simpson, Phil Mellor)

Sessions (On-Demand with Live Q&A Sessions)