S9: Optimization in Electric Machines
Monday, October 12, 2020
12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

Presentations and Authors:

1. Multiphysics Optimisation of a Slotless Permanent Magnet Machine with a Composite Winding Layer (Suzanne Collins, Philip H. Mellor, Nick Simpson)

2. Co-Optimization of an Electric Motor-Drivetrain System for Concentrated Solar Power Heliostats (Abdulaziz M. Qwbaiban, Shen Zhang, Thomas G. Habetler)

3. Rotor Surface Optimization of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors to Reduce both Rotor Core Loss and Torque Ripples (Katsumi Yamazaki, Kento Utsunomiya, Akihiro Tanaka, Toru Nakada)

4. Multi-Objective Whale Optimization Algorithm and Optimal Area Product Model based Design of Litz-Wire Gapped High-Frequency Transformer for LLC Resonant Converters (Daniyal Ahmed, Li Wang, Zehua Dai)

5. Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis of a Line-Start Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor (Mousalreza Faramarzi Palangar, Amin Mahmoudi, Solmaz Kahourzade, Wen L. Soong)

6. Design and Magnetic Field Analysis of a Dual Rotor Axial Flux PM Machine with Steel-Assisted Halbach Magnet Configuration (Sodiq Agoro, Iqbal Husain)

7. Prediction of Transient Voltage Distribution in Inverter-Fed Stator Winding, Considering Mutual Couplings in Time Domain (Shubham Sundeep, Jiabin Wang, Antonio Griffo)

8. Frequency-Domain based Windings Voltage Distribution Modelling for Converter-Fed Electrical Machines (Yi Wei, Antonio Griffo, Fernando Alvarez-Gonzalez, Ravindra Bhide, Subhra Samanta, Richard Clark, Arwyn Thomas, Zi-Qiang Zhu)

9. Two-Axis Vector Control of Double Stator Linear and Rotary Permanent Magnet Machine Considering Orthogonally Coupling Effect (Lei Xu, Xiaoyong Zhu, Li Zhang, Chao Zhang, Deyang Fan)

10. Design and Analysis of a Hook Shaped Stator Core with Ring Winding Transverse Flux Machine for Wind Turbine Applications (Anik Chowdhury, Yilmaz Sozer)

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