S7: Isolated DC-DC Converters
Monday, October 12, 2020
11:35 AM - 12:05 PM

Presentations and Authors:

1. LLC Converters Power Density Enhancement through Optimized Current Shaping using Multi-Resonant Branches (Ali Elrayyah)

2. Current Balancing and Phase Shedding by Split Capacitor for a Three-Phase LLC Resonant Converter (Akiteru Chiba, Yuuki Aoyagi, Kazuto Takagi)

3. Analysis and Control of Three-Phase Interleaved SCC-LLC Resonant Converter Load Sharing Considering Component Tolerance (Bo Sheng, Xiang Zhou, Wenbo Liu, Yang Chen, Yan-Fei Liu, Paresh C. Sen)

4. An Interchangeable Soft-Switched Voltage Boosting Circuit for a Multi-Mode LLC Step-Up Converter Module in Medium Voltage Applications (Mehdi Abbasi, Reza Emamalipour, Muhammad Ali Masood Cheema, John Lam)

5. Dual Voltage Flyback Topology Operation with Efficiency Enhancers at Dual Voltage Mains (Noam Ezra, Teng Long)

6. The Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Flyback Converter: A Reexamination (Giorgio Spiazzi, Simone Buso)

7. Family of Hybrid DC-DC Converters for Connecting DC Current Bus and DC Voltage Bus (Nie Hou, Yun Wei Li)

8. Fault Tolerant Isolated Dual Active DC-DC Converter using WBG Devices (Amin Ashraf Gandomi, Leila Parsa, Vahid Dargahi, Keith Corzine)

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