P34: HVDC, FACTS, Implementation and Reliability of Power Converters
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
2:40 PM - 3:10 PM

1. Elimination of 2f Ripple in a Current Shared Interleaved Current Fed Switched Inverter (Sonam Acharya, Anil Gambhir, Santanu Mishra)

2. Scalar Approach based PWM Strategy for Two-Level Three-Phase VSIs to Reduce Switching Losses and RMS Current in DC-Link Capacitors (Junhyuk Lee, Hyoung-Kyu Yang, Jung-Wook Park)

3. An Integrated Control Method for Improving the Input Current of Paralleled Vienna Rectifiers (Jiawei Ji, Zhao Liu, Jianshou Kong, Jie Yu, Yiyan Lu, Kui Xu)

4. Post Production PMSM Position Sensor Offset Error Quantification via Voltage Estimation (Sandun S. Kuruppu, Yu Zou)

5. Advances of Modeling and Reduction of Conducted and Radiated EMI in Flyback Converters (Juntao Yao, Yiming Li, Zhedong Ma, Shuo Wang)

6. Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy for Reduced Torque Ripple of Independent Twelve-Phase BLDC Motor Drive System under Open-Circuit Faults (Hyeoncheol Park, Yongsug Suh)

7. Investigation of Dynamic Temperature-Sensitive Electrical Parameters for Medium-Voltage Low-Current Silicon Carbide and Silicon Devices (Ze Ni, Sheng Zheng, Madhu Sudhan Chinthavali, Dong Cao)

8. An Overvoltage-Less Protection Method for Pole-to-Ground Faults in Symmetrical Monopole HVDC Systems by Half-Bridge MMC (Kenichiro Sano, Hiro Nakayama)

9. Research on a Multi-Line Electromagnetic Sen Transformer Suitable for Distribution Network (Shunkai Xu, Jiaxin Yuan, Shan Yin)

10. High Power Density Power Electronic Transformers using ISOS Multi-Cell Full-Wave Rectifier with GaN TCM Virtual Capacitor Converters (Yusuke Hayashi, Hongliang Su, Kazuto Takao)

11. Sorting-Selecting Modulation Technique for Double-Capacitor Sub-Modules based Modular Multi-Level Converters (G. Veera Bharath, Ghanshyamsinh Gohil)

12. Backstepping Control for Multilevel STATCOM (A.M. Saif, M. Tinari, P. Ciammaichella, C. Buccella, S. Di Gennaro, C. Cecati)

13. Coordinated Control of Power and Current of MMC-HVDC and Circulation Suppression in Unbalanced Power Grid (Hongbin Pan, Jiale Zhang, Cheng Deng, Haohao Ruan, Shixiang Ma)

14. Over-Current Protection for Series-Connected IGBTs based on Desaturation Detection (Lu Yue, Muhammad Abubakr Saeed, Inhwan Lee, Xiu Yao)

15. Active Damping Control of Multi-Port DC Power Flow Controller for Suppressing Power Oscillation of MMC-MTDC under Unbalanced Grid (Wen Wu, Xuezhi Wu, Long Jing)


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