P33: Magnetic and Insulating Materials and Thermal Management
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
2:40 PM - 3:10 PM

1. Low-Latency High-Speed Saturable Transformer based Zero-Crossing Detector for High-Current High-Frequency Applications (Dhrubo Rahman, M.A. Awal, Md Sariful Islam, Wensong Yu, Iqbal Husain)

2. Analysis and Prediction of AC Resistance of Litz Wire with Rectangular Cross-Section (Shota Kawahara, Kazuhiro Umetani, Eiji Hiraki)

3. Design and Performance Evaluation of an Air-Core Inductor for a Point-of-Load (POL) Converter (Saket Jha, Sonam Acharya, Sanatnu Mishra)

4. Evaluation of Temperature Effect on Inductance Computation in Variable Magnetic Components for Dual-Active-Bridge Application (Sarah Saeed, Jorge Garcia, Marina S. Perdigão, Valter S. Costa, Ramy Georgious)

5. Investigation of Low-Pressure Condition Impact on Partial Discharge in Micro-Voids using Finite-Element Analysis (Moein Borghei, Mona Ghassemi)

6. Reducing Local Concentrated Gap Loss of a Nanocrystalline Core by Applying Alloy Gap (Xuan Guo, Li Ran, Peter Tavner)

7. An Active Junction Temperature Control Method based on Thermoelectric Coolers (Xiaofeng Ding, Xinrong Song, Zhenyu Shan)

8. Active Thermal Management for Enhancing Peak-Current Capability of Three-Phase Inverters (Christoph H. van der Broeck, Rik W. De Doncker)

9. Expediting Transient Thermal Frequency Response Characterization and Sensitivity Analysis (Timothy A. Polom, Robert D. Lorenz)

10. Power Module Design for Integrated Three-Phase Current Sensing using a Single 3-D Point Field Detector (Muhammad H. Alvi, Minhao Sheng, Robert D. Lorenz, Thomas M. Jahns)


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