P32: Converter Control and Modeling 3
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
2:05 PM - 2:35 PM

1. Multifrequency Vibration Suppression of Magnetic Bearing Systems Applied Variable Step-Size Automatic Learning Control (Hongbo Sun, Dong Jiang, Jianfu Ding, Jichang Yang)

2. A Reinforcement Learning-Based Data-Driven Voltage Regulator for Wireless Chargers of Electric Vehicles (Jiaxin Teng, Lizhi Qu, Dariusz Czarkowski)

3. A Double-Loop Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Dual-Input Phase-Shifted LLC Converter (Ala A. Hussein, Abdullah Alhatlani, Sumana Ghosh, Issa Batarseh)

4. Optimal Asymmetric Duty Modulation to Minimize Inductor Peak-to-Peak Current for a Dual Active Bridge Converter Over a Wide Voltage Range (Di Mou, Quanming Luo, Jia Li, Zhiqing Wang, Yuqi Wei, Jian Huang)

5. An Inductor Current Estimation Approach for DC/DC Converters based on Bisection Method (Zhe Zhao, Fei Diao, Yuheng Wu, Nan Lin, Yue Zhao)

6. Accelerated Model of Static Power Converter for Co-Phase Traction Power System (Zhuoxuan Shen, Xiaoqian Li, Yingdong Wei, Ziming Li, Mingrui Li, Haiping Guo, Qirong Jiang, Yunzhi Lin)

7. Analysis of Rapid Control Prototyping Performance for Power Conversion Applications (Andrés Rón, Andrés Tarrasó, Álvaro Luna, Pedro Rodríguez)

8. Extended Two-Terminal Network Model of Parallel VSMs for Analysis of Active Power-Frequency Response (Jiaoxin Jia, Xiangwu Yan, Benshuang Qin, Abubakar Siddique, Bo Zhang)

9. Extended Kalman Filter based State and Parameter Estimation Method for a Buck Converter Operating in a Wide Load Range (Muhammed Yusuf Candan, Mustafa Mert Ankarali)

10. Harmonic Filter with Low Coupling Capacitance for Medium Voltage, High DV/DT PWM Converters (Vaibhav Uttam Pawaskar, Van Thuan Nguyen, Ghanshyamsinh Gohil, Poras T. Balsara)

11. Estimation of the Internal Junction Temperatures of Resin Encapsulated IGBT Power Modules (Matteo Gregorio, Fausto Stella, Radu Bojoi, Fabio Pagani)

12. Modeling and Control of a Discontinuous Quasi-Switched Boost Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Grid-Tied Applications (Truong-Duy Duong, Minh-Khai Nguyen, Young-Cheol Lim, Joon-Ho Choi, Caisheng Wang, Mahinda Vilathgamuwa)


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