P27: Wide-bandgap Semiconductors
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

1. An Adaptive Driving Signals Delay Control for Voltage Balancing of Series-Connected SiC MOSFETs (Min Zhao, Hua Lin, Tao Wang)

2. An Active Clamping Control Method for DC Solid State Circuit Breaker based on Cascaded SiC JFETs (Hong Duan, Wei Wang, Dong He, Zhikang Shuai, Xue Yang, Z. John Shen)

3. A Step-by-Step Modelling approach for SiC MOSFETs Half-Bridge Modules Considering Temperature Characteristics (Peng Yang, Wenlong Ming, Jun Liang)

4. Analytical Modeling of SiC MOSFETs Short-Circuit Behavior Considering Parasitic Parameters (Pengfei Xiang, Ruixiang Hao, Xiaojie You, Siwei Liu, Honglin Jiao, Fang Li)

5. Analysis and Gate Driver Design Considerations of 10 kV SiC MOSFETs under Flashover Fault Due to Insulation Failure (Xingxuan Huang, Shiqi Ji, Dingrui Li, Cheng Nie, Leon M. Tolbert, Fred Wang, William Giewont)

6. In-Circuit Shoot-through-Based Characterization of SiC MOSFET TSEP Curves for Junction Temperature Estimation (Alessandro Soldati, Roberto Menozzi, Carlo Concari)

7. A GaN and Si Hybrid Solution for 48V-12V Automotive DC-DC Application (Lei Kou, Juncheng Lu)

8. Current Distribution Monitoring of Paralleled GaN HEMTs (Hossein Niakan, Ali Parsa Sirat, Babak Parkhideh)

9. Body Diode Reverse Recovery Effects on SiC MOSFET Half-Bridge Converters (Mario Pulvirenti, Angelo G. Sciacca, Luciano Salvo, Massimo Nania, Giacomo Scelba, Giuseppe Scarcella)

10. Turn-On Performance Comparison of SiC Single-Driver Module (SDM) and Multi-Driver Module (MDM) (Pengkun Liu, Ruiyang Yu, Alex Q. Huang, Johan Strydom, Stephanie W. Butler)


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