P26: Distributed Energy Resources and Utility Interactions
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

1. An Intelligent Overcurrent Protection Algorithm of Distribution Systems with Inverter based Distributed Energy Resources (Lina He, Shuaiang Rong, Chengwei Liu)

2. Group-Based Control for Domestic Electric Water Heaters using Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm (Sheng Xiang, Liuchen Chang, Bo Cao, Yigang He)

3. Two-Stage Optimal Sizing of Standalone Hybrid Electricity Systems with Time-of-Use Incentive Demand Response (Rahmat Khezri, Amin Mahmoudi, Mohammed H. Haque)

4. Autonomous Control Strategy for Reliable OLTC Operation under PV Power Fluctuation with Effective Voltage Regulation (Ali Elrayyah, Nand Kishor Singh)

5. Virtual Synchronous Generator with Limited Current – Impact on System Transient Stability and its Mitigation (Yiwei Ma, Fred Wang, Leon M. Tolbert)

6. Simple Tuning Method of Virtual Synchronous Generators Reactive Control (Fabio Mandrile, Enrico Carpaneto, Eric Armando, Radu Bojoi)

7. A New Method to Improve the Transient Performance of Virtual Synchronous Generator with the Extended Virtual Impedance (Zhengmao Yang, Shuai Lu)

8. Analysis of Output Impedance Constraints for Grid-Connected Virtual Synchronous Generators Considering Large-Disturbance Stability (Mingxuan Li, Yue Wang, Sirui Shu, Yonghui Liu, Yang Peng)

9. VSS-DNSE Adaptive Control Algorithm for Enhancing Performance of PV-Grid Interfaced System (Kripa Tiwari, Seema Kewat, Bhim Singh, Gaurav Modi)

10. On Stability of Hybrid Power Ramp Rate Control for High Photovoltaic Penetrated Grid (Silvanus D'Silva, Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Farooq, Mohammad B. Shadmand, Haitham Abu-Rub)


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