P23: Power Quality, Reliability, Diagnostics and Fault Analysis
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

1. Analysis of AC-DC-AC Converter with Shared Legs under Unbalanced Conditions (Alan S. Felinto, Cursino B. Jacobina)

2. Asymmetric Voltage Sag Compensation Capability of Dual Voltage Source Inverter (Jefferson R.P. de Assis, Darlan A. Fernandes, Fabiano F. Costa, P.C. Ribeiro, Rogério G. de Almeida)

3. Series Arc Fault Detection and Localization in DC Distribution based on Master Controller (Vu Le, Xiu Yao, Chad Miller, Tsao-Bang Hung)

4. An Ultra-Fast and Non-Invasive Short Circuit Protection Strategy for a WBG Power Electronics Converter with Multiple Half-Bridge Legs (Chondon Roy, Namwon Kim, Hossein Niakan, Ali Parsa Sirat, Babak Parkhideh)

5. Open-Circuit Fault Reconfiguration of Multi-Phase Interleaved DC-DC Converter (Abbas Hassan, Ali Bazzi)

6. Analytical Modelling and Resilient Operation Design for Capacitor Voltage Ascent in MMC Distributed Control System with Communication Interruption (Shunfeng Yang, Haiyu Wang, Haiyu Chen, Wensheng Song)

7. A New Procedure for Switched Mode Power Supplies Development by using Virtual Tests (Jack Hu, Srinivas Gude)

8. A Novel In Situ IGBT and FWD Junction Temperature Estimation Technique for IGBT Module based on On-State Voltage Drop Measurement (Yanyong Yang, Pinjia Zhang)

9. Diagnosis of Power Device Failures using Discrete Fourier Transform for DC-AC Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters (Ruqiang Zheng, Xin Yin, Sai Tang, Chao Zhang, Daming Wang, Jun Wang, Z. John Shen, Zishun Peng)

10. Measure Theory-Based approach for Remaining Useful Lifetime Prediction in Power Converters (Amin Rahnama Sadat, Harish Sarma Krishnamoorthy)

11. Energy-Based Stabilizing Controllers for DC-DC Converters Feeding Constant Power Loads (C.A. Villarreal-Hernandez, J. Loranca-Coutino, O.F. Ruiz-Martinez, J.C. Mayo-Maldonado, J.E. Valdez-Resendiz, J.C. Rosas-Caro, G. Escobar, Daniel Guillen)


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