P21: New Technologies, Sensors, Reliability and Testing for Electric Drives
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

1. Four-Module Three-Phase Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor based PWM Modulation Strategy for Suppressing Vibration and Common Mode Current (Kang Liu, Zicheng Liu, Dong Jiang, Qiyuan Wang, Zhongxiang He)

2. A Dual Modular Multilevel Converter with High-Frequency Circulating Current Injection for MV Open-End Stator Winding Machine Drives (Mohamed S. Diab, Xibo Yuan, Barry W. Williams)

3. Magnetic Resolver using Hall-Effect Sensors (Ye Gu Kang, Diego F. Laborda, Daniel Fernández, David Reigosa, Fernando Briz)

4. Induction Machine Emulation under Asymmetric Grid Faults (Gayatri Tanuku, Pragasen Pillay)

5. Gigahertz Current Measurement for Wide Band-Gap Devices (Luke Shillaber, Li Ran, Yanfeng Shen, Teng Long)

6. Three-Phase Bidirectional-Flyback Differential-Inverter for Synchronous Electrostatic Machines (Peter Killeen, Daniel C. Ludois)

7. Integrated Motor Drive using Soft-Switching Current-Source Inverters with SiC- and GaN-Based Bidirectional Switches (Hang Dai, Renato A. Torres, Woongkul Lee, Thomas M. Jahns, Bulent Sarlioglu)

8. Synchronous Frame Current Estimation Inaccuracies in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives (Prerit Pramod)

9. Evaluation of Sensorless Techniques for Surface Permanent-Magnet Integrated Motor Drive using Current-Source Inverter (Renato A. Torres, Hang Dai, Woongkul Lee, Thomas M. Jahns, Bulent Sarlioglu)

10. A Novel Model based Development of a Motor Emulator for Rapid Testing of Electric Drives (Visweshwar Chandrasekaran, Benjamin Sykora, Sanchit Mishra, Ned Mohan)

11. High-Frequency Evaluation of Two-Level Voltage-Source and Current-Source Inverters with Different Output Cables (Hang Dai, Renato A. Torres, Woongkul Lee, Thomas M. Jahns, Bulent Sarlioglu)

12. Symmetric DQ Control of Saturated Salient AC Machines – Utilizing Targeted Time Constant Virtual Resistance and Complex Vector Flux-Linkage Regulation (Caleb W. Secrest, Dwarakanath V. Simili, Yochan Son)

13. Input-Output Feedback Linearization Control of a Linear Induction Motor Taking into Consideration its Dynamic End-Effects and Iron Losses (Angelo Accetta, Maurizio Cirrincione, Filippo D'Ippolito, Marcello Pucci, Antonino Sferlazza)

14. Stator Resistance Estimation using DC Injection Robust to Inverter Nonlinearity in Induction Motors (Joohyun Lee, Jiwon Yoo, Seung-Ki Sul)


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