P19: Multilevel Converters (Topology, Modulation, Control)
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
11:35 AM - 12:05 PM

1. Optimized DV/DT Filter Design for SiC based Modular Multilevel Converters (Xiao Li, Jianyu Pan, Ziwei Ke, Rui Liu, Junchong Fan, Yue Zhang, Boxue Hu, Risha Na, Longya Xu, Jin Wang)

2. Three-Phase AC-DC-AC Converter with Shared Legs and Floating H-Bridges (Alan S. Felinto, Cursino B. Jacobina)

3. Model Predictive Control of 5L-ANPC Converters with Level-Shifted Pulse-Width-Modulation (Dehong Zhou, Zhongyi Quan, Yunwei (Ryan) Li)

4. Dual Vienna Rectifiers with a Single DC-Link for Wind Energy Conversion System Applications (Amanda P. Monteiro, Cursino B. Jacobina, Filipe A.C. Bahia, Reuben P.R. Sousa)

5. Single-Phase AC-DC-AC Multilevel Converter using High-Frequency Link to Improve Power Quality (Rodrigo P. de Lacerda, Cursino B. Jacobina, Edgard L.L. Fabricio, Alan Santana Felinto)

6. Full Power Range Seamless Control of Three-Phase Unidirectional Vienna Rectifier including Partial DCM/CCM Operation with Low Harmonic Current Distortion even under Highly Distorted Grid (Massimiliano Biason, Roberto Petrella, Sandro Calligaro, Mattia Morandin, Marco Zordan)

7. A Novel Voltage Balancing Strategy for Four-Level Hybrid-Clamped Converters under Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM (Mingzhe Wu, Hao Tian, Yun Wei Li, Kui Wang)

8. The Active Gate Driver for Switching Loss Reduction of Inverter (ByongJo Hyon, Joon-Sung Park, Jin-Hong Kim)

9. A Novel Hybrid Modulation for Photovoltaic Three-Level T-Type Inverter to Simultaneously Eliminate Neutral-Point Voltage Ripple and Interact with Maximum Power Point Tracking Process (Mohammadreza Lak, Bing-Rong Chuang, Ting-Lien Wu, Tzung-Lin Lee)

10. Optimal Selection of the Voltage Modulation Strategy for an Open Winding Multilevel Inverter (A. Testa, S. Foti, S. De Caro, L.D. Tornello, G. Scelba, G. Scarcella)


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