P15: DC-AC Converters
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

1. Transformerless Active Isolation in Common-Ground Photovoltaic Microinverter Applications for Reduced Ground Leakage Currents (Clint Halsted, Somasundaram Essakiappan, Madhav Manjrekar)

2. Analysis and Control of Grid-Tied Quad-PV LLC Converter with MPPT (Sumana Ghosh, Reza Rezaii, Abdullah Alhatlani, Issa Batarseh)

3. Derivation of a Single-Phase Single-Stage Inverter based on Minimum Indirect Power (Diego Serrano, Regina Ramos, Edwin Peredo, Pedro Alou, Jesús A. Oliver, José A. Cobos)

4. A General Dead Time Compensation Method based on Current Ripple Prediction and Pulse Delay Measurement for Voltage Source Inverter (Zewei Shen, Dong Jiang, Jianan Chen, Zicheng Liu)

5. Common Mode Voltage Cancellation using SHM-PAM for 3Phase Compact Multilevel Inverters (Mohammad Sharifzadeh, Mohammad Babaie, Gabriel Chouinard, Kamal Al-Haddad)

6. Three-Phase Hybrid Multi-Output Converter with Single DC and Multi AC Outputs for Hybrid Microgrid Application (Shri Prakash Sonkar, V.N. Lal, R.K. Singh)

7. Three-Phase DC Capacitor-Less Solid-State Variable Capacitor (Yunting Liu, Leon M. Tolbert, Fred Wang, Fang Z. Peng)

8. Nine-Switch Current-Source Inverter-Fed Asymmetrical Six-Phase Machines based on Vector Space Decomposition (Ahmed Salem, Mehdi Narimani)


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