P12: Solid State Transformers, V2G, and Power Converter Control
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
10:10 AM - 10:40 AM

1. Protection Coordination Challenges for Microgrid Distribution Network with High Penetration Inverter-Based Resources (Vincentius Raki Mahindara, Ardyono Priyadi, Margo Pujiantara, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo, Ahmed Y. Saber, Eduard Muljadi)

2. Power and Voltage Regulation of a Solid-State Transformer based Quad-Active Bridge DC-DC Converter using Adaptive Linear Quadratic Regulator and Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (Mohammed Hatatah, Brandon M. Grainger)

3. Study on DC-Voltage Rising of Blocked Port in High-Frequency-Link Converters (Chunpeng Zhang, Huaru Li, Wusong Wen, Xin Mo, Zhengming Zhao)

4. Dynamic DC-Link Current Minimization Control to Improve Current-Source Solid-State Transformer Efficiency (Liran Zheng, Xiangyu Han, Rajendra Prasad Kandula, Deepak Divan)

5. 500kVA Hybrid Solid State Transformer (HSST): Design and Implementation of the SST (Sanjay Rajendran, Soumik Sen, Liqi Zhang, Zhicheng Guo, Qingyun Huang, Alex Q. Huang)

6. Quasi-Proportional-Resonant Control Strategy for the Hybrid Distribution Transformer with LCL-Type Converters (Yibin Liu, Deliang Liang, Shaofeng Jia, Kun Zhou, Yachen Gao, Shengliang Cai, Dawei Li, Shuai Feng)

7. A Manitoba Converter based Bi-Directional On-Board charger for Plug-In Electric Vehicles (Avishek Ghosh, Carl Ngai Man Ho, Ken King Man Siu)

8. Improvement of Transient Current Response of a Single-Phase Inverter in a V2G System using Disturbance Rejection and Command Feedforward Control (Horyeong Jeong, Jae Suk Lee)

9. Inertia Emulation in Power Converters with Communication Delays (Ngoc Bao Lai, Andres Tarraso, Gregory N. Baltas, Leonardo Marin, Pedro Rodriguez)

10. Bifurcation Analysis of Converter-Dominated Electrical Distribution Systems (Dionysios Moutevelis, Javier Roldán-Pérez, Milan Prodanovic, Santiago Sanchez Acevedo)

11. DQ Impedance Reshaping of Three-Phase Power-Controlled Grid-Connected Inverter for Low-Frequency Stability Improvement under Weak Grid Condition (Weihua Zhou, Yanbo Wang, Raymundo E. Torres-Olguin, Zhe Chen)

12. An RL-Type Active Damper for Stabilizing Wide Band Oscillations in Grid-Tied Inverter Systems (Li Cheng, Zeng Liu, Jinjun Liu, Yiming Tu)

13. Power Emulator of Variable Speed Drive with Grid Frequency Support in Multi-Converter based Power Grid Emulation System (Shuyao Wang, Yiwei Ma, Taylor Short, Leon M. Tolbert, Fred Wang)

14. Vulnerability Assessments for Power-Electronics-Based Smart Grids (Jinan Zhang, Jin Ye, Lulu Guo, Fangyu Li, Wenzhan Song)

15. Optimal Design of PV Systems Considering Levelized Cost of Energy and Power Density (Dongsen Sun, Xiaonan Lu, Liang Du, Yue Cao)


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