P10: Transportation Electrification and Battery Management Systems
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
10:10 AM - 10:40 AM

1. Position Sensorless PMSM Drive for Solar PV-Battery Light Electric Vehicle with Regenerative Braking Capability (Sreejith R., Bhim Singh)

2. A Comparative Study of Technologies for Wayside Energy Storage in DC Rail Transportation Systems (Oindrilla Dutta, Ahmed Mohamed)

3. Short Current Protection Circuit for Automotive Motor Inverters Application based on GaN Transistors (Jacob Parnes, David Shapiro, Gleb Vetakh, Yuri Gitelmakher, Gregory Bunin)

4. Speed Planning for Autonomous Driving in Dynamic Urban Driving Scenarios (Mingqiang Wang, Zhenpo Wang, Lei Zhang, D.G. Dorrell)

5. Active Voltage Balancing of Integrated Modular Drive with Series DC-Link Capacitors (Fan Wu, Ayman M. El-Refaie, Thomas M. Jahns)

6. Four-Port Modular Multilevel AC/AC Converter in Continuous Co-Phase Traction Power Supply Application (Mingrui Li, Xiaoqian Li, Yunzhi Lin, Yingdong Wei, Chao Lu, Zhuoxuan Shen, Ziming Li, Zengqin Li)

7. Stray Inductance-Based Current Sensing Considering Temperature-Dependent DCR Effect (Sang Min Kim, Taesuk Kwon)

8. Zero-Sequence Current Control in a Back to Back Inverter with Pump Back Test Configuration (Yuzhi Zhang, Zhongjing Wang, Yu Du)

9. A Two-Stage Multiple-Output Automotive LED Driver Architecture (Satyaki Mukherjee, Alihossein Sepahvand, Vahid Yousefzadeh, Montu Doshi, Dragan Maksimović)

10. Integrated Motor and Two-Speed Gearbox Powertrain System Development for Electric Vehicle (Puhui Liu, Shun Feng)

11. Energy Loss Analysis in a SiC/IGBT Propulsion Inverter over Drive Cycles Considering Blanking Time, MOSFET's Reverse Conduction and the Effect of Thermal Feedback (Sepideh Amirpour, Torbjörn Thiringer, Dan Hagstedt)

12. Sizing of DC-Link Capacitor Considering Voltage and Current Ripple Requirements for a 3-Phase Voltage Source Inverter (Ali Safayet, Mohammad Islam, Tomy Sebastian)

13. Evaluation of Parameter Variations of Equivalent Circuit Model of Lithium-Ion Battery under Different SOH Conditions (Zhiyong Xia, Jaber A. Abu Qahouq)

14. A Novel Neural Network with Gaussian Process Feedback for Modeling the State-of-Charge of Battery Cells (Abdallah Chehade, Ala A. Hussein)

15. Dual Side Control of Wireless Power Transfer with Mutual Inductance Estimation (MinJae Sung, Geon-Hong Min, Junk-Ik Ha)

16. Novel Load Independent Control Structures for a Resonant LCC EV Wireless Charging Converter (Antonio Menchana, Christopher Duke, Dan Gelfer, Pang Vang, Van Xiong, Ali Arbabi, Isabelle Badall, Justin Ortiz, Mohamed Badawy)

17. Harmonic Optimization Method by SHEPWM for Contactless Power Transfer System with Series-Series Compensation (Jichang Yang, Dong Jiang, Yuanzhi Zhang, Ronghai Qu)

18. Dynamic Response Analysis based on Multiple-Phase-Shift in Dual-Active-Bridge (Yu Yan, Hua Bai)

19. Hybrid Power Electronics Architecture to Implement the Fuel Cell Management System (Milad Bahrami, Jean-Philippe Martin, Gael Maranzana, Serge Pierfederici, Farid Meibody-Tabar, Mathieu Weber)


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