P7: DC-DC Converters 2
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
9:35 AM - 10:05 AM

1. A Wide Range Output Voltage Gain Operation with Mode Transition of Single Input Dual Output LLC Converter (Yuki Kinoshita, Hitoshi Haga)

2. ZVS Analysis of Half Bridge LLC-DCX Converter Considering the Influence of Resonant Parameters and Loads (Guoliang Deng, Yao Sun, Guo Xu, Xiaoying Chen, Shiming Xie, Shutian Yan, Mei Su, Yuefeng Liao)

3. LLC Resonant Converter with Reconfigurable Voltage Rectifier for Wide Input Voltage Applications (Fahad Alaql, Issa Batarseh)

4. Review and Comparison of Resonant DC-DC Converters for Wide-Output Voltage Range Applications (Fahad Alaql, Issa Batarseh)

5. Multiple-Output LLC Resonant Converter with Magnetic Control (Yuqi Wei, Quanming Luo, Dereje Woldegiorgis, Alan Mantooth)

6. Comparison of a Dual Active Bridge and CLLC Converter for On-Board Vehicle Chargers using GaN and Time Domain Modeling Method (Konstantin Siebke, Regine Mallwitz)

7. Efficiency Optimization of Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter with Triple Phase-Shift Control (Garry Jean-Pierre, Necmi Altin, Ahmad El Shafei, Adel Nasiri)

8. An Optimized Scheme for Current Stress Reduction with Zero-Voltage Switching in Dual-Active-Bridge Converters under Varying Input Voltage (Haoyu Zhang, Motoki Akihiro, Tomoyuki Mannen, Takanori Isobe)

9. Hardware Design of SiC-Based Four-Port DAB Converter for Fast Charging Station (M. di Benedetto, A. Lidozzi, L. Solero, F. Crescimbini, S. Bifaretti)

10. Integrated Planar Transformer Design of 3-kW Auxiliary Power Module for Electric Vehicles (Ramadhan Muhammad, Sangjin Kim, Chaeyoung Suk, Sewan Choi, Byeongu Yu, Sanghun Park)

11. Design and Optimization of a High Power Density Low Voltage DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles (Yang Chen, Wenbo Liu, Andrew Yurek, Xiang Zhou, Bo Sheng, Yan-Fei Liu)

12. Modulation Strategy for a Multilevel DC-DC Converter Interfacing EV Battery and Propulsion Inverter during Regenerative Mode (Vinay Rathore, Kaushik Rajashekara, Parthasarathy Nayak)

13. A Novel Topology for an Extendable Isolated DC-DC Multi-Port Power Converter with a Multipurpose Hybrid Energy Storage System (Sina Vahid, Ayman El-Refaie)

14. A Family of High Frequency Isolated Impedance Source DC-DC Converters for Distributed Power Generation Systems (Zeeshan Aleem, Hyoung-Kyu Yang, Jung-Wook Park)

15. High Frequency Active-Clamped Zero-Current Switching Current-Fed Push-Pull Converter for Micro-Converter Applications (Qunfang Wu, Mengqi Wang, Weiyang Zhou, Can Huang, Guanliang Liu, Xiaoming Wang)


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