P4: Emerging Technologies and Applications
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

1. A Planar PCB based Energy Harvester with Voltage Multiplier (Yong Chen, Han Peng, Zhijie Feng, Zhipeng Cheng, Qiaoling Tong, Yong Kang)

2. Embedded Implementation of Rainflow-Counting for On-Line Predictive Maintenance (Carlo Concari, Giada Bettini)

3. A Ground Clamped Solid-State Circuit Breaker for DC Distribution Systems (Tiancan Pang, Muhammad Foyazur Rahman, Madhav D. Manjrekar)

4. A Dynamic Efficiency Optimization Method under ZVS Conditions in the Series-Series Type Wireless Power Transfer System (Yongbin Jiang, Xipei Yu, Chenxu Zhao, Ruibang Li, Min Wu, Longyang Yu, LaiLi Wang)

5. A Three Stage Architecture for a High Voltage Step-Down Wireless Charging System (Apurv Kumar Yadav, Arun Sankar, Alireza Khaligh)

6. Analysis and Design Considerations of a Compact Transmitter Topology in Low Power Wireless Power Transfer System with Extremely Low Coupling Factor (S. Zhang)

7. Application of SWPDT in the Feedback Control of Wireless EV Charging (Hao Chen, Zeqian Cheng, Zhongnan Qian, Jiande Wu, Xiangning He)

8. Modelling and Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion in Series-Series Wireless Power Transfer System for 6.78 MHz (Lixin Shi, J.C. Rodriguez, Pedro Alou)

9. Transferring Driving Pulses to Implement Dual-Side Phase-Shift Control of Wireless Power Transfer on Primary Side using Driving Windings (Yiming Zhang, Xin Li, Shuxin Chen, Yi Tang)

10. A Study of High Electrical Power and High Efficiency Antenna in 13.56 MHz Wireless Power Transfer (Masanori Watanabe, Kan Akatsu)

11. Transmitter Coil Design for Multi-Load Wireless Power Transfer Systems (Jie Li, Jingjing Sun, Ruiyang Qin, Daniel Costinett)

12. Design and Implementation of Paralleled Inverters with LCLC Resonant Tanks to Generate Plasma for Surface Treatment Applications (Tsai-Fu Wu, Anumeha Kumari, Ling-Chia Yu, Kuan-Chung Chen)


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