P3: DC-DC Converters 1
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

1. Intercell Transformer Coupled Buck Converter in One-of-Three Rectifier (Yuxiang Shi, Jing Xu, Goran Mandic, Sandeep Bala)

2. A Merged-Two-Stage LEGO-PoL Converter with Coupled Inductors for Vertical Power Delivery (Youssef Elasser, Jaeil Baek, Minjie Chen)

3. High Step-Down ZCS Buck Converter with Switched Capacitor (Jingjing Qi, Xuezhi Wu, Yuming Zhao, Jingdou Liu)

4. A Quasi Output Voltage Regulation Technique for the Zero Inductor-Voltage Converter (Samuel Webb, Yan-Fei Liu)

5. Loss Model and Output Impedance Analysis of a 48V-to-1V High Current Point-of-Load Converter (Alexander Fiore, Qingyun Huang, Alex Q. Huang)

6. Comparative Topology and Power Loss Analysis on 48V-to-1V Direct Step-Down Non-Isolated DC-DC Switched-Mode Power Converters (Jin Woong Kwak, D. Brian Ma)

7. Pre-Charge, Discharge, and Mini-UPS Circuits in Auxiliary Power Network Architecture for 10 kV SiC-Based Power Electronics Building Blocks (Keyao Sun, Jun Wang, Xiang Lin, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich)

8. Synthesizing a Comprehensive Set of Converter Topologies for a Specified Voltage Gain (Ramanuja Panigrahi, Santanu K. Mishra, Avinash Joshi)

9. Low-Ripple High-Voltage DC Generation using a Serially Segmented Multiphase Voltage Multiplier (Sanghyeon Park, Juan Rivas-Davila)

10. Modulation Strategy to Minimise RMS and Peak Currents in Dual Active Bridge Converter (Dibakar Das, Kaushik Basu)


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