P1: NVH, Reliability and Machine Diagnostics
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

1. Irreversible Demagnetization Fault Prognosis in a Permanent Magnet Type Machines (Zia Ullah, Jin Hur)

2. Online Detection of Irreversible Demagnetization Fault with Non-Excited Phase Voltage in Brushless DC Motor Drive System (Doo-Ho Kim, Jun-Hyuk Im, Ullah Zia, Jin Hur)

3. Insulation Design of a High Frequency Electrical Machine for More Electric Aircraft Propulsion (Yalin Wang, Xuan Yi, Xiaolong Zhang, Yi Yin, Tao Han, Kiruba Haran)

4. Vibration Prediction using the Relative Permeance of IPMSM (Seung-Hyeon Lee, In-Jun Yang, Won-Ho Kim, Ik Sang Jang)

5. Stray Flux-Based Incipient Stage Bearing Fault Detection for Induction Machines via Noise Cancellation Techniques (Genyi Luo, Thomas G. Habetler, Jed Hurwitz)

6. Investigation of Mode 0 Acoustic Noise Reduction of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor with a Principle of Radial Force Sum Flattening (Leping Wang, Ryo Umeoka, Akira Chiba)

7. Winding Condition Monitoring of Inverter-Fed PMSM using High-Frequency Current Injection (Zheng Xu, Jianzhong Zhang, Yaqian Zhang, Jin Zhao)

8. Wide Speed Range NVH Performance Optimization in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Automotive Application using Vibration Synthesis (Shuvajit Das, Anik Chowdhury, Zhao Wan, Mojtaba Bahrami Kouhshahi, Alejandro Pina Ortega, Yilmaz Sozer)

9. Design of Experiments for Stator Windings Insulation Degradation under High dv/dt and High Switching Frequency (Fernando Alvarez-Gonzalez, David Hewitt, Antonio Griffo, Jiabin Wang, Mohamed Diab, Xibo Yuan)

10. Detection of Early Inter-Turn Stator Faults in Induction Motors via Symmetrical Components – Current vs Stray Flux Analysis (Konstantinos N. Gyftakis)

11. Sensitivity Analysis based NVH Performance Evaluation in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines using Lumped Unit Force Response (Shuvajit Das, Anik Chowdhury, Zhao Wan, Mojtaba Bahrami Kouhshahi, Alejandro Pina Ortega, Yilmaz Sozer)

12. Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics of Blade Health in Commercial MW-Scale Wind Turbines using Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) (Lijun He, Mohammad Attia, Liwei Hao, Biao Fang, Karim Younsi, Honggang Wang)


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